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Kroatien: Neue Perspektiven auf einen alten Park

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(Ruscus hypoglossum) und Schwalbenschwanz-Enzian (Gentiana asclepiadea)

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Croatia: new perspectives on an old park

(Ruscus hypoglossum) and the gentian willow (Gentiana asclepiadea)


Some examples of the socio-economic values that Maksimir Park provides


Open gates for all Biodiv-Fans

Vanja Ratkovic and the Croatian Ministry of Culture have agreed that the focus on biodiversity on 22 May will take place all over Croatia and not just in Zagreb. Eight national and nature parks are planning special events for this day. The following list provides an overview:

Special activities in Croatia's National parks

All Croatian National parks are involved in the Open Door weekend around May 22nd, with programs dedicated to biodiversity. More information on the program of each park is provided on the on the  offical website.

Free educational material will be provided, and special programs are being organized for this event. Below are a few examples.

Sjeverni Velebit (Croatian National Park since June 2, 1999): 21.-23. May: Free entrance; biodiversity lectures in local elementary schools; workshops for children; experts guiding through the park; celebration with popular science lectures; exhibition of children's works; brochures and other leaflets.

PaklenicaRisnjak (Croatian National Park since September 15, 1953)

Brijuni (Croatian National Park since October 27, 1983)

Plitvice Lakes (Croatian National Park since April 8, 1949)

Krka (Croatian National Park since January 24, 1985)

Kornati (Croatian National Park since July 24, 1980)

Mljet (Croatian National Park since November 12, 1960)

Special activities in the Nature Parks

Special programmes are also planned in the eleven Nature parks of Croatia, for example:

Kopacki Rit - Baranja - East Croatia: Free tours; quiz for ecological schools; tree adoptions and planting; exhibitions of local artists; ecological produce of local farmers; educational material.

Lonjsko PoljeLastovo IslandsBiokovo MountainMedvednica Mountain - near Zagreb

TelascicaVelebit Mountain - Dalmatia

Ucka Mountain - Istria - North Adriatic

Zumberak -Samoborsko Gorje - near Zagreb

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