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Romania: An intergenerational look at biodiversity

In celebration of International Biodiversity Day 2010, EarthVoice Romania is working with several pre-schools of Bucharest to trigger an intergenerational look at the value of biodiversity.

A series of special events will be held in the city's Botanical Garden and near Kindergartens, where the kids will express their affection to plants by various artistic activities like songs, dances, a fashion show made from recycled material, and more.

In ways that are appropriate for the young age of the children, the kids will learn about the diversity of ecosystems, of biological and genetic systems, and about the ethno-cultural significance of all these. Activities will be related to themes such as "The world kids recycle", "Kids conserving a forest", "Kids preserving the Earth", "Kids and flowers", etc.

As children are future adults, EarthVoice Romania's objective is to stir the children's curiosity and interest in nature, so as to contribute to educating an environmentally literate and active citizenship. From an intergenerational perspective, involving parents and other adults in these activities is to help enhance the adults' environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

Because after all, children are the best teachers for adults.

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