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International Symposium on Biodiversity and Climate Change: Links with Poverty and Sustainable Development (May 22 and 23)

The International Symposium on Biodiversity and Climate Change fostered the understanding of climate change impacts on biodiversity and their links to poverty and sustainable development in the regional context. The symposium created a forum for the exchange of expertise and experiences on biodiversity and climate change and provided participants with opportunities to discuss and assess emerging adaptation strategies and to construct a platform for networking and collaboration among relevant actors. The symposium program focused on:


For more background information, please consult the official factsheet of the Convention on Biological Diversity, CBD.


The registration form and practical guidelines will provide you with more detailed information.


The Symposium will feature the launch of Countdown 2010 Initiative for Vietnam and the signing ceremony of the Countdown 2010 Declaration. Countdown 2010 is a powerful network of active partners that was created to help those that committed to the 2010 biodiversity target to collaborate to save biodiversity. Each partner commits additional efforts to tackle the causes of biodiversity loss. Please see the Declaration or visit for more information on the Countdown 2010: